Salaam, Sayyid Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Al Haqqanis Recent Sobah given to a group of Sisters..

“May these daughters of mine be people of paradise. May they become neighbors of our mother Hz. Fatima Az Zahra (q). May their children be of the virtuous ones. May I be among the virtuous too. May their ends be good. Mine too. “Waja’alna mina l ma’i kulla shay’in hayyin” (21:30) Angels of the seven earths and seven heavens make tasbih for those who guard their purity, honor, religion and faith at the end of times. Their tasbih comes. Therefore, these are my daughters. They are mine. May their ends be good.

Yes, very nice. Let them pray a lot for me. Shukr to Allah. May salat-us salam be for our Master. May they
continue their salawat. Our Ummuhan Sultan (q) (Prophets Aunty who is buried in Cyprus) who let us be in this country and accepted you as well, who was written for this country and has been here for 1,500 years is watching both me and you. Fatiha for her Read it. May your lives be long. May your deeds be virtuous. May archangels offer you marhaba. If only we could lay our heads on the sands where the feet of our mother Fatima Az Zahra (q) stepped, the most loved, generous lady of our Master. Make no less than 100 salawat for our Master. That is our principal. May Allah be pleased with you. May He show you good days. May He not show bad days. May your ends be good. Oh Sham. May Sham be opened too. May He let us join the holy servants gathered under the flag of our Master. Who is that like a minaret? (pointing at someone) O that one, hay faqir. Tell her to kiss her father’s hand. Then tell her that he shouldn’t leave the maqam of the prophet Musa (a). If it were me, I would sweep the maqam of the prophet Musa (a) with a broom. The great prophet Musa (a). O glorious Nabi. He is a lion too. May you all be given intercession.

Are you happy? Are you comfortable? Do you have food? As-salamu alaikum. May your days be good. May your abode become paradise.”

Al Fatiha



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