“Once the son of Sayidinna Umar (r), Allah bless him, was going to Hajj, coming from Medina Tul Munawwara and going. He arrived at a crossroads, most people, going on a path that is commonly used which is straight. He instead turned and went on a path that goes around the small hill and getting behind that to reach where his people were. And people asking: “O disciple of Rasul Allah, why you did this when you could of taken the path that was straight?” He (r) replied, “I witnessed that the Seal of Prophets came here with his Camel and he took exactly that route which I took.. Therefore I like to keep his steps, only this reason, nothing else, to keep his holy steps.” They are not looking with the eyes of there head, but also through the eyes of the hearts, and the heart is showing them the steps that has coming a light. Therefore he said: “I am following steps of my much more beloved prophet, to follow his footsteps.”

Sayyid Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al Haqqani (q)

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